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In the thirty plus years that I’ve been involved in collective bargaining, I have become adept at leading negotiating committees from member surveys to ratification, including first contracts. I can also assist with contract production if necessary. I’ve negotiated 22 contracts and, as Contracts Coordinator for 1199 in New York, I created a system that allowed us to update new full collective bargaining agreements after agreements had been reached (sometimes several reopener agreements that had never been incorporated into a cba). I see the “big picture” and can strategize together with union leadership and negotiating committees. My experience is quite varied. I’ve negotiated contracts for everyone from nursing home workers to resident physicians. These units have been from twenty employees to fifteen hundred.

I have knowledge of collective bargaining in all its aspects. I’ve been a Representative, Political Action Organizer and Communications Director. This gives me a broad view of the union’s goals and strategy. I work comfortably with staff responsible for different aspects of collective bargaining with understanding and sensitivity.

I’m known to be personable. I like genuinely like people and it shows. This not only helps me work with committees and union leadership but also with management. I’ve found it’s easier to reach a fair resolution to a contract campaign when there is a good measure of respect, if not trust, from management.

I look forward to talking with you about my abilities and employment possibilities. Feel free to contact me at Rafael@rafaelpizarro.com. (Please mind the spelling of my name in the email address. That’s what usually trips people up in communicating with me.)